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[4 animated gifs of Karen (a young blonde girl) from Outnumbered, talking. 1: “Well you shouldn’t be prejudice against fat people, thin people” 2: “men who turned into women, women who turned into men, gay people,” 3: “ginger people,” 4: “people who come from Liverpool…”]

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Attempting to draw a fairy off the top of my head in some sort of tattoo art style, this should be a challenge!


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Today has been one of those days thats just seemed to drag and where everything seems to go in one ear and out the other and I’ve only been back at school for 3 days. It’s important I guess because all of the exams will be soon but the stress of them all has already started to get to me, the teachers constantly remind you how important the exams are … every day… as if we didn’t know. It just makes it all worse… soon enough though, school will be over thankfully! Then I can go to college! A new beginning, actually can’t wait :D

cazizzlepie said: What is the function of a rubber duck?

You put it in a bath, then quack :P

cwispybacon said: :o you must teach me how to become a power ranger! PLEASE PLEASE!!

You need to find out yourself 

It’s not who you are that keeps you back, it’s who you think you’re not, so believe in yourself

meulinvajayjay-deactivated20130 said: Hey hey hey

Hi Hi Hi :)